Friday, July 13, 2007

Tasks for the organising committé

As we are a relative small group in comparsemnt with other we need to grow, we need to be a movement.
My first suggestion is that we should have greeters for new members at the welcome zone to aware the people of our pressence. Answer typical questions that new members have and be a welcoming hand and maybe direct them to the HQ. Offer them t-shirts and so on.

My other suggestion is that we hang out where there are predominilty workers i.e. different subcultures that has a close connection to the working-class, motorsports, hard rock, hip hop and what have you.

The reason for it is because we don't want to end up as a regluar RL lefties organisation that so many times are dominated by non-workers. We don't want to organise just your typical leftie but the working-class.

That is also why I think the committies of the CPSL needs to be dominated by RL workers to the extent that it's possiable. This is because we want to show the workers that we can have power amongst our own organisations that it don't have to be a middleclass leadership.

HenryJames is at the moment working on workersclothes to be either sold cheap or given away for free to promote working-class pride because as workers we are proud of our work and the connection to workers clothes on SL would give them that sence of pride.
A document will be attached to the clothes package declaring working-class pride and landmark to our HQ.
We might not get them all but we plants seeds that may one day blossom.

As Marx once put it:

The liberation of the working-class must be by their own doing.

Let's remember that.

We are your workers!

The task for an committe in a communist organisation is not to be a dictator. We do not wish to repeat the mistakes of our past.

We must view membership of the committe not as body to lead but a body to work.
You, all members including ourselves, are our employers and if we don't do a good enough job then you should fire our asses! We work for you - not the other way around.

Membership of any committe means but one thing: more responsibilty. Nothing more.
It does not mean more privalleges then the other members.
It does not mean more power then other members.

We are you're loyal and humble servants - nothing else.

Election of the election committe

Suggestion is as follows:
RosaLux Rossini
Enferinel Martynov
Cinzia Zenovka

Meeting tuesday 17th July 12 pm

First we will vote upon we can accept the stated rules given we have accepted these rules the agenda is as follows

1. Election of
a) Chairman
b) secretary

2. election of an election committe􀀁

3. Recall the dissions of the last meeting on the rules of the central committie (the bc and the oc) HenryJames Milestones document is reopened and any suggestions may be sent to the newly elected elction committe that will summmerize the amedments for next meeting.􀀂

4. Give the election commite the job of putting together a suggestion on an organising committe and building committe.

5. Other issues.

6. End of meeting. Everybody sings the international

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Suggestions on meeting structure.

Since the last meeting took place alot of things has happend due to the meeting and lack of structure. At least in my view that was one of the majorproblems.

So my propasal is as follows:

Meeeting structure:

Every meeting should elect a chairman and a secretary.

The secretary to keep notes and the chairman to keep the order of the meeting. The secratary may also brief late particpants on what have been discussed and decided, doing so in an IM.

The chairmans job is to hand out premition to speak amongst the participants of the meeting.

Before speaking every participant must first call out his or her name and may not speak until the chairman says so, even during a heated argument.

When calling out their name chairman and secretary notes the person calling out said name and will be put on speakerslist.

This is to avoid meaningless chatter and chaos. This is also the most democratic way since everybody will have a chance to say what they want without interruptions.

when the discussion is ended the chairman will ask if the meeting is ready to move on to a dission, if the meeting is not ready the chairman will let the discussion move on.

Any participant may at any time call for "end of discussion". The chairman will then ask the meeting if we may end this discussion. This means that nobody else can put their name on the speakerslist, the list will be final. Everybody that is already on the list may however speak.

On dissions

Every dission should be put against another dission. The only opition to vote will be "yes".

The chairman will ask the meeting "shall we support x proposition" and those who agree will vote yes then the chairman will ask "sall we support y proposition" and those in favor of that proposion may vote yes, the suggestion with most votes wins. If there is more then one proposition then the first to proposion goes one round, the winning one will be put forward to the third one til there is only one left and that will be the final dission.

On protocals

Every protocal should have a list of these things:


Elecetion of

a) chairman.

b) secretary.

the other points to the agenda should already have been decided beforehand the meeting but if somebody has something else on their mind they want to put up on the protocall that should be done at the point of "other questions". Every thing that hasent been on the protocall is to be put under that label. Every meeting must follow these structurs.

On election to committies

When electing people to a board or to a comittie there must be an election committie that has prepared list on names. People on the election committie can not at the sametime be a member of the Central Committie nor candidate for it.

When electing people to the central committie, in our case the building and organising committie there will first be a debate where you can suggest your candidate but not badmouth others.
This is to keep up a good spirit.

On the election itself there will be one votecounter, in normal cases there are more then one but due to techinal issues this would be the best solution. The vote will be secret so everybody will IM the votecounter. If you like the list of people just send an IM saying "I'm ok with the list" if not mention the name of the candidate you want and one candidate who you want stricken of the list. Because somebody has to go so there will be an even number so there wont be a "bonus" candidate.

The votecounter can of course not be a member of the CC but may be a member of the election committie.

Following these rules meetings will go along much smoother, faster and most important more democraticly. The alternative to these rules are chaos, anarchy and unclear dissions. I urge you people to really consider these rules they have been functioning for ages, same rules for communist as socialdemocrats to trade-unions and even syndicalists. They work and they ensure democracy.

P.S I apologize for the many spelling errors the is due to my computer not having a functing spelling control.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Breaking the Linden's game

The following article was posted by comrade Ilia Milev, and reflect the personal opinions of the submitter, not the whole membership of CPSL

Dear comrades

I think that we must to attack on one the central ideas of Linden's creation due to its capitalist conception: this concept is land property and the speculation derived from. This is an atempt against basical rights, including the freedom of movement, and an atempt in fact against the possibilities for making real new world in Second Life. So , the first thing that could be done is to shift lefty organizations on travelling HQ organizations

If we become travelling I firmly believe that we can win more popularity: Most of the people will not come if they see the hammer and the sickle in a building (it's sad but it's true). Anyway on the midle of any SL street if the people listen our discussion maybe someone can be interested, more probably some no communsit people would be awared and he/she would come to talk with us.

We can remember the sentence of Proudhon that was defenced by Karls Marx on the "Holy Family" : "What is private property? a robbery". Well, we can extend the concept lying on this sentence avoiding land properties for the group. In fact, land is a burgeois property that we don't realy need. Of course, we don't realy practice a private porperty by itself. But due to the attackcs we can end the history satcking many fences around our Hq's,. I n the other hand, avoiding to be land owners we can save efforts and money. Of course this doesn't suggest the possibility to obliggate to any IA avatar to leave his/her land and houses. I'm speaking to do that over HQ as an exampel for every body.

The houses, the pictures and the symbols are just this nothing than symbols. What is realy important are the ideas and the facts.

May be I will become unpopular, may be you can think I am a fool, may be it's not SL-like this way to proceed. But I think that it's a way to be revolutionary, and with this exemple, a way to force Linden that the HQ for organizations was free and protected from attacks. Also would can suggest that there wasn't specualtion, nor increasing he grid just for selling land.

Of course this is a proposal, an idea, I'm not more than the others comrades and of course my advice is not binding to any decission, hehe!.

Ilia Milev