Friday, July 13, 2007

Tasks for the organising committé

As we are a relative small group in comparsemnt with other we need to grow, we need to be a movement.
My first suggestion is that we should have greeters for new members at the welcome zone to aware the people of our pressence. Answer typical questions that new members have and be a welcoming hand and maybe direct them to the HQ. Offer them t-shirts and so on.

My other suggestion is that we hang out where there are predominilty workers i.e. different subcultures that has a close connection to the working-class, motorsports, hard rock, hip hop and what have you.

The reason for it is because we don't want to end up as a regluar RL lefties organisation that so many times are dominated by non-workers. We don't want to organise just your typical leftie but the working-class.

That is also why I think the committies of the CPSL needs to be dominated by RL workers to the extent that it's possiable. This is because we want to show the workers that we can have power amongst our own organisations that it don't have to be a middleclass leadership.

HenryJames is at the moment working on workersclothes to be either sold cheap or given away for free to promote working-class pride because as workers we are proud of our work and the connection to workers clothes on SL would give them that sence of pride.
A document will be attached to the clothes package declaring working-class pride and landmark to our HQ.
We might not get them all but we plants seeds that may one day blossom.

As Marx once put it:

The liberation of the working-class must be by their own doing.

Let's remember that.

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