Saturday, November 24, 2007

Open General Membership Meeting: Sun 25 Nov 07

Hmmm... I've been a little distracted and unwell this week, and I notice... no OGMM announcement, no more Activity Outlines, and I've not got round to the Second Shit enhancements I intend to make. Ah, well, I'm not giving up on the CPSL THAT easily! So...

All Party members are invited and encouraged to attend our OGMM from 11:00am (to 13:00 PST at the latest) which is 19:00 to 21:00 GMT, on Sun 25 Nov 07, in our CPSL HQ Garden Campfire Gathering Area:

I have been writing up a recommendation called "Structured Agenda for our OGMMs – A Proposal", but it still needs polishing up, so I'm afraid it's unlikely to be posted before this forthcoming OGMM. Nevertheless, I'll aim to arrive with a structured agenda, and a willingness to chair the meeting.

What would be a great help to us all is if YOU, dear CPSL comrade reader, could decide which one or more of these meeting roles you'd like to do, and be ready to jump right in at agenda item number...

2. Meeting Roles – Quick Saying Round – Anybody who wants to volunteer
We need volunteers for these roles at this meeting:
• Chairperson – to facilitate this meeting (that'll me be, unless we've another comrade champing at the bit)
• Minutesperson – to create this meeting's minutes notecard from its 'Near Me' chat log, and publish it
• Time Keeper – to remind us of timing issues, including as we approach end-of-meeting time
• Greeter – to greet new folks as they arrive, clarifying their speaking rights if necessary; and bid folks who need to leave farewell

Other items will include 'What Are We Going To Do Now?' (™ Spike Milligan's estate, 6.1 below), 'Supporting the Lag4Peace "Don't Iraq Iran" Day of Protest' next Sat 01 Dec (on which note there's an Action Planning meeting on Sun 25 Nov 07, 10:00am at Commonwealth 3 - ), and...

5. Items for Decision
• For items already discussed at the previous OGMM, or appearing at Second Shift before the previous Fri, 11:00am PST (19:00 GMT)
5.1 CPSL Pakistan Solidarity Actions – Contributions Round – Everybody
CPSL Solidarity Actions with our sister and brother comrades in Pakistan? – Lupe Matova

6. Items for Discussion (and Decision where required)
• For items not already discussed at a previous OGMM (or not already discussed enough), or appearing at Second Shift after the previous Fri, 11:00am PST (19:00 GMT)
6.1 Future CPSL Activities – Contributions Round – Everybody
On choosing 'Future CPSL Activities' – do we continue to urge comrades to post written Activity Outlines to Second Shift (to: ) for discussion and selection at OGMMs? – Dalinian Bing

6.2 CPSL Meeting Types – Contributions Round – Everybody
On determining 'CPSL Meeting Types – Definitions & Speaking Rights' (see: – needs updating to cover Voting Rights; update will be notified by GN) – for discussion in general, and decision in particular: how will we conduct our OGMMs? – Dalinian Bing

Given the relative lateness of this posting, I'd not be surprised by a lack of "I'll be there, and I'll volunteer for [meeting role]" or "Sorry, can't come but have a good one" comments below. AND three of the former would be MOST EXCELLENT!

In Solidarity

Dalinian Bing

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Dalinian Bing said...

I'll be there, in the 'chair', with a modifiable agenda.