Saturday, September 29, 2007

A great outcome for IBM strike on sept, 27

dear comrades, im very pleased to report that the virtual strike for the rights of IBM workers has been a great success.
I also want to report some from the mail that Barillo sent across the mailing list after the strike. (I omit RL names to save privacy)

* to the IBM SL PROTEST ORGANIZATION TEAM: these great people worked for 1 month, including many night meetings and weekends!
(20 guys from... RSU IBM ITALY Vimercate and Napoli, all the UNI team, the great CPSL-taskforce, many university students, experts from Germany, union members from USA, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Indymedia UK, 'il manifesto' journalists)
Thanks with all heart to Smoke, Rockerduck, Asya, Dalinian, Vincente, Marcello: without their idea and their passion we wouldn't get the results we got.
* to UNI. for its fundamental role in the organization, in the technical management, in the communication, and for the sustain for all economical expenses needed to develop the 'IBM virtual striker kit' (thanks also to the swiss developers).
A very special thanks to ***********, for her indefatigable work, night and day (she was really the heart and the soul of all the organization), and to **********, who believed from the beginning in this project.
* to EMF, IMF and IWIS for the political support.
* to all the leaders who coordinated, in turn for all 12 hours, the protesters in all the 7 IBM sims.
* to the solidarity of all IBM UNIONS worldwide. They believed with us in this project: a clear demonstration of the growth of a IBM global union alliance.
* ..... to all 1853 people who joined in the first virtual strike in the world: unionists, IBM workers, concerned citizens, workers of other IT companies, solidarity SL groups....and many other ! this is a real International workers solidarity !!!!!

sorry for my bad english, but after 14 hours of protest...I'm quite tired...

We are proud to have contributed in a small part to this successful initiative but for sure the good job was made by the organizers. Good job and congrats.

Rock Bogdanovich

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