Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ilia Milev: Crisis in SL. We have to seize this chance

SL is suffering an economical crisis due to the poor attendance and interest over Big companies islands, and these companies are losing money (hahaha!). By just making a first reading, these are good news from our point of view: big companies cannot enter a world where the most internal desires are shown and where human nature can be free. But does it depend on a class conscience or any kind of organization? Unfortunately this is not the case, and we can even think that the people who don’t visit BMW (for example) can have a BMW on real life. We are not sure of anything with these news, maybe the reason is just a chance lack of interest. But at least we can think that a percentage of this behaviour by the avatars is due to a rejection against the big companies.
I mean a conscious rejection of icons such as General motors, Coca-Cola and so on. We should exploit this moment, we should enquire people different from CPSL and other leftish organizations, may be we can even discover an intrinsic socialist conscience. I invite all of you to reflect upon this, and to try to ask more and more people to have an attitude of commitment. Please take a look over your neighbours no matter their groups or starting ideas. We can also do it from a CPSL scope.

There is some rush for this task, I wrote this artice some minutes after knowing the news, and I ask you all to do a response to this as fast as possible.

Greetings, comrades

Ilia Milev

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Nice dispatch and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.