Friday, November 9, 2007

Open General Membership Meeting: Sun 11 Nov 07

All Party members are invited and encouraged to attend at 11:00am PST, which is 19:00 GMT, on Sun 11 Nov 07, in the CPSL HQ Garden Campfire Gathering Area:

We want to encourage the active participation of as many Party members as possible, so as to make CPSL a vibrant organisation again. Here's how you can begin your active participation.

> Step 1: Register that you WILL be attending the forthcoming meeting by leaving a comment to this post (or give your apologies for non-attendance in advance, so we know you want to come but won't be able to make it).
> Step 2: Please do feel free to call your comrades by IM, to ask them to sign up for attendance here, and to attend this and future regular weekly open general membership meetings.
> Step 3: Give some thought to the future activities you would like to see our CPSL initiate, and post your ideas and suggestions here -- for more details and how to do so, please see the post 'Future CPSL Activities' below.

On Sun 11 Nov we'll be...

> Hearing report-backs from people who volunteered to take responsibilities arising from issues raised in the previous meeting on Sun 04 Nov 07 (minutes of which are available from our Group Notices Archive & a notecard giver at CPSL HQ)
> Discussing ideas and suggestions for 'Future CPSL Activities' -- from the post of that name below, and from those that arise from comrades at the meeting

Hope to see you there,

In Solidarity,

Dalinian Bing


dalinian said...

I'll be at the Sun 11 Nov meeting, probably with a provisional agenda; if so, I'll post it by Group Notice and ask for any amendments or additions.

In Solidarity,

Dalinian Bing

Smoke said...

I will attend the 11 nov sunday meeting.

Smoke Wijaya

RosaLux Rossini said...

ok ...i will !!! :-) See you sunday comrades !

Alys said...

Hope to be there

dalinian said...

Rascal Ratelle says, ' I can't guarantee being online at 11:00am, becuase i have another meeting at three'

(and, 'I can not post on the CPSL blog; it does not allow me to.')

Rascal Ratelle
( posted by Dalinian Bing on Rascal's behalf)

Rascal said...

Hello I am posting a test comment to see if this will work.

Rascal said...

Dal thank you for posting on my behalf, it's working for me now