Thursday, November 15, 2007

Open General Membership Meeting: Sun 18 Nov 07

All Party members are invited and encouraged to attend our OGMM at 11:00am PST (19:00 GMT) on Sun 18 Nov 07, in our CPSL HQ Garden Campfire Gathering Area:

To make our CPSL a vibrant organisation again, we want to encourage the active participation of as many Party members as possible. At our OGMM on Sun 11 Nov 07, there was consensus agreement on holding weekly OGMMs at 11:00am PST in our CPSL HQ Garden Campfire Gathering Area. So if you use an electronic diary, you can set a recurring weekly entry for that date, time and place; and/or do something similar with a pen and paper diary.

On Sun 18 Nov we'll be discussing ideas and suggestions for 'Future CPSL Activities' – from the Activity Outlines added as comments to the post of that name below. So assuming you have an idea of what our Party's next step should be, please sketch it out in an Activity Outline and add it as a comment on the 'Future CPSL Activities' post – for more details and how to do so, please see the post 'Future CPSL Activities' below.

As part of the rejuvenation of our CPSL as an active political party, we need to encourage and support each other's participation – because being an active communist means being involved in a social activity, not an individual pursuit. So we need to help each other to build a Party culture that engenders the creation of "a vibrant 'political club'-idea", as Smoke put it, and Enferinel concurred. One part of this culture is tackling tasks socially – so if any of us needs help or support or encouragement, we should be able to feel free to ask for what we need from our Party comrades, at an OGMM, in Group IM Chat, by one-to-one IM or by notecard message. Another part is making an advance commitment to carry through with a Party task – from attending a meeting, via putting something down in writing, to helping organise an event.

So let's agree this foundation to our Party culture: to help us build our weekly OGMMs, we use a Second Shift post like this one as a 'Sign Up Sheet' – you register that you WILL be attending the forthcoming meeting by adding a comment to this post (or giving your apologies for non-attendance in advance, so we know you want to come but won't be able to make it). And do please do feel free to call your comrades by IM, to ask them to sign up for attendance here, and to attend this and future regular weekly OGMMs.

Hope to see you on Sunday,

In Solidarity,

Dalinian Bing


Dalinian Bing said...

I'll be coming along and I'm hoping that if you will too, you'll sign up below by adding a comment of your own. And if you'd like to be there but can't, post a comment too, and you'll be down in the minutes under 'Apologies' – and we'll know you are interested and active.

Smoke said...

I will attend the meeting too.

My apologies I did not write an "activity outline" yet though. I have been very busy (both in SL as RL).
But I will write one soon....

Smoke Wijaya

Smoke said...

Damn it...
I probably wont be able to attend the complete meeting as I have to log at 12 pm, one hour for me.
But I will be there.

Hermes Szondi said...

I've posted an "activity outline" --> Future CPSL Activities

Be seeing you