Sunday, December 2, 2007

Open General Membership Meeting: Sun 02 Dec 07

All Party members are invited and encouraged to attend our OGMM from 11:00am (to 13:00 PST at the latest) which is 19:00 to 21:00 GMT, on Sun 02 Dec 07, in our CPSL HQ Garden Campfire Gathering Area:

Smoke and I have spent this last week dedicating our political energies through the 'L4P Organisers' group into making yesterday's Lag4Peace 'Don't Iraq Iran' mass demonstration a success, and I was pleased to see some CPSL comrades there too.

But in the meantime, I see there's been...
— no announcement for today's 02 Dec OGMM (understandable, given my leadership of the L4P Protest Signs Team)
— nobody enquiring of me, "Why not?" or volunteering to make it so
— no minutes have been published from 25 Nov's OGMM (understandable, given Smoke's leadership of the L4P Logistics Team)
— presumably nobody enquiring of Smoke, "Why not?" or volunteering to make it so (as I did on Thu 22 Nov, when there was still no sign of Enferinel publishing the minutes of the 18 Nov OGMM)
— no further Activity Outlines.

What strikes me is that generally, when Smoke and I do give the CPSL our political energies and attention, we make some progress; and conversely, when Smoke and I are investing our political energies and attention elsewhere, virtually nothing happens, CPSL-wise.

"Fighting for freedom is not letting your leaders think for you and decide, and following obediently behind them, or from time to time scolding them. Fighting for freedom is partaking to the full of ones capacity, thinking and deciding for oneself, taking all the responsibilities as a self-relying individual amidst equal comrades. It is true that to think for oneself, to think out what is true and right, with a head dulled by fatigue, is the hardest, the most difficult task; it is much harder than to pay and to obey. But it is the only way to freedom. To be liberated by others, whose leadership is the essential part of the liberation, means the getting of new masters instead of the old ones."
Anton Pannekoek (1873-1960), International Council Correspondence, Vol.II, No.5, April 1936

Which leads me to wonder whether there are a sufficient number of self-motivated communists, "self-relying individuals amidst equal comrades", within the CPSL to make it worth my while treating our Party as a valuable political project.

So I'm going to duck out today, see what happens without my 'leadership' for a week, and reach a decision on what happens next, for me, a week today.

In Solidarity,

Dalinian Bing


Dalinian Bing said...

My apologies, comrades, but Dalinian Bing will be absent from this OGMM, partly due to being still a little burned out by leading the L4P Protest Signs Team in preparing for yesterday's Lag4Peace 'Don't Iraq Iran' mass demonstration, and mostly for the reasons stated above.

Anonymous said...

Anti-Communist Action. Our purpose is to expose and oppose the very real threat of Communism. Despite reports on TV and in the newspapers, Communism is not dead. It is alive and well and growing stronger all the time.

We will exposing and challenging Communism where ever and when ever it rears it's ugly head. We will also be providing tips on how to recognize Communists and the organizations they support. Communists lure people by their claims of "equality" and fairness". Idealists are attracted to such notions. The next thing you know, they are foot soldiers for Communist Revolution. Equality and fairness have no place in the Communist Revolution. They are only tools to attract followers. The only "equality" to an International Communist is the equality of SLAVERY, which is what we will all be if they succeed.

Anonymous said...

i am another anonymous. i would say that it's hard to decide: this Dalinian looks to be a true bitch, and the anti-communist looks to be a true bitch too. Ah, Dalinian, my dear, please eat a big humble pie, you are a zero like anybody else