Wednesday, August 8, 2007

So much confusion

Let's clear some stuff out: every damn meeting must elect a chairman and a secretary.
Secretarys job is to summerize the meeting, going through the agenda point by point and show what was decided so that everybody can read and understand it without reading several pages of chatloggs.

The secretary also at the meeting summerizes the suggestions so that everybody knows what theyre voting about if something is unclear the author of the suggestion may explain what she/he means. This is to avoid confusion.

Then when everything is summerized and everybody understands what they're voting about the propositions will get their name after their author for example:

can we support smokes suggestion?

As explained earlier every suggestion has to go through the contrapropostion order meaning that if you put the two contradicting suggestions against eachother and then you vote upon it and the one that gets the most yes votes win.
As for example the chairman will ask the meeting: can we support miles suggestion? 17 people vote yes
can we support goelros suggestion? 12 people vote yes
then that means miles proposition wins. And when the chair asks the meeting if they can support miles the ones who agree with goelro dont shout out no they have to wait for the question do you support goelro suggestion? and vote yes.
This is to avoid confusion.

The contraproposition order is determend by wich suggestions comes up last starts up first.
For example Ninia has a suggestion and then Rock comes up with a suggestion but the orginal suggestion was from enf then we will first vote on the suggestions of Ninia and Rock and the winning one of the two goes against enfs orginal suggestion then the winning one of these will go against enfs orginal decision and then if people are really, really unhappy of enfs suggestion enfs suggestion will be put against dissmissal.

Ok to clear things up this is how the vote would have gone down:
Ninia vs. Rock - Ninias suggestions wins over Rock - Ninias suggestion vs. Enf's suggestion -Enf wins - Enfs suggestions vs. dissmissal of the whole thing.

These are pretty simple rules and as last meeting shows we must deal with the organizational issues becuase without them chaos will rule and nobody knows what they're really voting for.

Yes people we MUST have structure, we must deal with the frame of the orginazation becuase the only ones who benefit from chaos are those scheeming and plotting to get their will through no matter if this means that they don't have majority support. Organisation demcracy is as important as communism itself because if we can't handle the orginasation of CPSL how will we ever be able to handle the orginisation of the whole society?
Yes, this is damn boring, it's a fucking snooze pill but we owe it to ourselves to have a party, an orginisation that works becuase without it how can we ever get anything accomplished?

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