Friday, June 8, 2007

Good success for the in-world Anti G8 demos

As we all hoped, the Anti G8 demo we kept yesterday, june 7, was a full success. This demo, that was organized in collaboration with several leftist groups of SL, started in Linden Mansion and the sim was filled in a few minutes by people carrying flags, pickets and other means for protest.
The demonstrants moved then to Pooley, again filling the sim in a few, and subsequently to Waterhead and Capitol Hill (photo).

The demo was paeceful but nevertheless we encountered armed opposition from WSE security and many of the fellows were hit and orbited without any reason.
At the moment we are considering the possible response to this coward aggression act. We anly can say that WSE acted in a childish and griefer-like way, and no way this offense can be leaved unwashed.

The Indymedia web site covered the demo, but here i must put in some criticism about the way SLLU handled the notice. According to Indymedia the demo seems to have been a SLLU action while it was organized by several groups, like CPSL itself, SLDM, SLAnarchy, Anti-FNSL and others. The SLLU tags, although really welcome, were not neither the most in number, and SLLU followed the plan, that actually was outlined by other groups responsibles, and particularly of SLDM and CPSL.

So Plot, we can deal with it, but you were really unfair. As long as i can see you maybe intend Left Unity as if yours is the only left group in SL. That is just your problem, but should SLLU behave this way in the next times it will have consequences regarding relationships with CPSL.
But hopefully SLLU will show to be less self centric in the future. All of i want to say is "well done".

Rock Bogdanovich


Anonymous said...

CPSL Comrades. The Anti G8 demostrations were great, and they energized the left in SL. It is good that CPSL is doing this important work. However, I have some modest criticisms.

1. The demonstration was too long, three hours.

2. We should have had CPSL people identified (arm bands or something) to inform and move crowd as they were scattered all over the road with no instructions on where to go.

4. Also, maybe it would have been better if we had held the demos in more populated areas, such as Italy, as there was nobody but us in most of the locations we used. As it is, We were preaching to the already converted.

Most likely there were formal planning meetings around the demos, but I missed them.

Plot Tracer said...

As a member of the SLLU, and the person who wrote the press release for the Indymedia site, I am offended by Rock's comments. No-where on the SLLU statement do we take ownership of the demonstrations. In fact the statement says in regard to those who organised and attended, “Demonstrations against the G8 have been going on in the "Game" Second Life. People who cannot make the real life demonstrations in Rostock have been demonstrating outside the Reuters office in the on-line world, and there is another large demonstration of solidarity with the Rostock demonstrators scheduled for tonight (Thursday 8pm GMT) outside the "Linden Mansion" - the "home" of the owners of the life simulator, Linden Labs.” And “SLLU commend all of those who have organised and have taken part in these demonstrations against a cabal of self elected owners and distributors of the worlds assets.” ( )

SLLU as a group did not take part in any organisation of these demonstrations. Instead we offered our solidarity with those who did, as our aims are the same - to work for the closing down of the G8 "world carve-up" club.

SLLU HAD been planning an installation in which ALL can take part, and that is the only other SLLU involvement mentioned. The Cre-8 garden is till there for anyone to go – it can be found on the isle of Montevideo - Isla Montevideo (41, 185, 32) and all individuals and groups are welcome to make their tribute to the victims of the G8 and capitalism.

Rock Bogdanovich’s comments are *perplexing*, and uncalled for.

From our Aims and Principles –

1 Our name shall be Second Life Left Unity (SLLU)

1.1 The group offers the means of a left environment, the term Unity
does not claim anything since there is no monopoly. It is a proposition.

(for our charter and aims and principles, please go to - )

Plot Tracer, SLLU member.

RB said...

Sure Plot, im sad that you are offended by my comments. Nevertheless the SLLU is the only group named in that indymedia article i referred to, and by the way dont explain me how these demos were organised as i was one of the organizers.
So, i acted differently and named all the groups that were involved in these demos and organizing.
I only can tell you from a personal basis, not talking for the broad CPSL, that from long time, and expecially after i have read your chatlogs with Smoke, that im no more intersted in what SLLU does not because its bad, but because its just your personal game. Go your road, i will not loose any hour of sleep behind you.
bye and good luck