Friday, June 22, 2007

Proposals for Upcoming CPSL Membership Meeting

The following are three proposals submitted by HenryJames Milestone to the upcoming membership meeting of the CPSL on June 24. Any proposals for amendments can be sent to him at

Resolution on CPSL Central Administration

1. The CPSL establishes two democratically-elected bodies to serve as the central coordination and administration of the party: the Building Committee and the Organizing Committee.

2. The Building Committee is responsible for administration and maintenance of the land and party HQ. Building Committee members must also be members of the CPSL Fund Committee, a separate entity.

3. The Organizing Committee is responsible for the administration and coordination of the party. Organizing Committee members must be members in good standing in the CPSL.

4. There will be three members on each committee. One member will server on both committees, with the total number of comrades serving being five.

5. These five members, when meeting jointly, will function as the Central Council of the party, responsible for scheduling party functions and events, as well as administering the party's blog/newsletter.

6. The Central Council is the leadership and voice of the party in between monthly membership meetings.

7. All meetings of the B.C., O.C. and C.C. will be open to any member of the CPSL, who may participate in meetings with the right to speak and cast a consultative vote.

8. The B.C., O.C. and C.C. will report to the monthly membership meetings on their activities and decisions.

9. The membership has the right to reverse or modify any decision made by the B.C., O.C. or C.C.

10. Members elected shall serve a six-month term, and can serve consecutively for no more than two terms.

11. The membership reserves the right to remove from office at any time any or all members of any committee, and elect members to take their place.

12. The membership retains authority, sovereignty and control over all decisions made by the B.C., O.C. or C.C.


Resolution on Policy toward Political Opponents and
Those Who Fundamentally Disagree with Communism

1. Generally speaking, the CPSL HQ and the land it sits on is considered to be a public space, where anyone is welcome to come and discuss political issues, even if they disagree with us on the most fundamental of questions.

2. Spontaneously-organized meetings of members that wish to avoid potential interaction with political opponents may take place on the Fourth Floor of the CPSL HQ at any time.

3. If members wish to have a scheduled meeting of the CPSL closed to non-members, the Building Committee is mandated to adjust the land access rights accordingly.

4. Individuals who are sworn enemies of the CPSL, declared fascists and/or griefers who take action to disrupt the party, its functions or presence, may be unilaterally banned by any member of the Central Council without prior approval.

5. Individuals who take no action against the CPSL, but may be considered to be a potential threat to the party or its activities by their presence, cannot be banned without the approval of the membership. The Central Council may tentatively approve banning or restricting an individual, but the decision must be ratified by the membership.


Resolution on Advertising Political
Organizations and Their Events

1. The CPSL, as a non-sectarian communist political/cultural organization in Second Life, seeks to enhance the knowledge and understanding of both comrades and visitors to our HQ.

2. As such, we should encourage our members to learn more about organizations, both in Real Life and in Second Life, that are in general accordance with the principles and aims of the CPSL.

3. Space on the Third Floor of the CPSL HQ shall be allotted for other political organizations, from RL or SL, that are in general accordance with the principles and aims of the party, to place a small advertisement providing the reader with general information about their organization.

4. Organizational advertisements should be no larger than 1m by 1m square, and no more than 0.1m thick, so as to be equal in size and offer no special preference. Advertisements may contain notecards listing the RL URL of an organization's website and/or SLURL to their land, an introductory statement about the organization, and a recent political statement or text of a publication. The number of notecards contained in any advertisement should not exceed five.

5. Advertisements for events that are in general accord with the principles and aims of the CPSL shall be handled on a case-by-case basis, in terms of placement, size, etc., by the Building Committee and Central Council. If they cannot resolve the question among themselves, then the membership shall have the right to decide.

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