Monday, June 18, 2007

Proposal for CPSL Central Administration

The following was submitted by HenryJames Milestone for the upcoming CPSL membership meeting on June 24.

1. The CPSL establishes two democratically-elected bodies to serve as the central coordination and administration of the party: the Building Committee and the Organizing Committee.

2. The Building Committee is responsible for administration and maintenance of the land and party HQ. Building Committee members must also be members of the CPSL Fund Committee, a separate entity.

3. The Organizing Committee is responsible for the administration and coordination of the party. Organizing Committee members must be members in good standing in the CPSL.

4. There will be three members on each committee. One member will server on both committees, with the total number of comrades serving being five.

5. These five members, when meeting jointly, will function as the Central Council of the party, responsible for scheduling party functions and events, as well as administering the party's blog/newsletter.

6. The Central Council is the leadership and voice of the party in between monthly membership meetings.

7. All meetings of the B.C., O.C. and C.C. will be open to any member of the CPSL, who may participate in meetings with the right to speak and cast a consultative vote.

8. The B.C., O.C. and C.C. will report to the monthly membership meetings on their activities and decisions.

9. The membership has the right to reverse or modify any decision made by the B.C., O.C. or C.C.

10. Members elected shall serve a six-month term, and can serve consecutively for no more than two terms.

11. The membership reserves the right to remove from office at any time any or all members of any committee, and elect members to take their place.

12. The membership retains authority, sovereignty and control over all decisions made by the B.C., O.C. or C.C.

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