Monday, June 11, 2007

Lupe Matova: Marxist methods for future organization of masses in SL

Why not? We would only have to ask ourselves how the revolutionary Marxists like Marx, Lenin, Engels, Trotsky, Luxemburg Rose had used this opportunity that the new technologies offer us to facilitate the political debate and the diffusion of its ideas... I believe sincerely that we do not have to underestimate any fource allowing us to get to the workers and the young people. And in this we can accede to millions people, many of which will be very critical with the capitalist system and look for some alternative.

A community of the Communist Party of Second Life can be one another route where to canalize this unsatisfaction, and to develop activities of debate and diffusion of the alternative that we, as communist, understand like the only one against wild and predator Capitalism , first cause of the social inequalities, injustias, misery, and political depravation of which we are witnesses and victims.

Tonight, in our seat of SL, we were debating the different proposals to carry out the most effective form for an active virtual militancy. And I'm to relate you about these the proposals:

  1. Due to the difficulty of some comrades in using one or another language, we propose that different linguistic groups form their sections inside the CPSL; those groups would debate and vote the proposals and they would take them to a general meeting that could be that monthly meeting that Rock proposed, by some spokesman who masters the English language.
  2. Also it was spoken to extend our influence within SL, and that the comrades who belong to several groups within SL commit themselves to send notices to all the members of those groups for/to some manifestations or specific activities.
  3. Like an activity proposal, it has been suggested like one of the next subjects of protest: "For a worthy house", hot subject in all Europe and most of the planet, and that affects particularly the youth.
  4. To use this blog as place of forum-debates where to discuss all of these questions and all the ones that are arising from the other comrades.

We wait for proposals......

Lupe Matova

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